The Write Word

Who will take his place?

There was a man who took notice of sparrows.
Those that fell to the ground with broken wings.
He noticed them, gathered them,
bound their wings, and protected
them from predators 
that would have likely made quick work of
these wounded creatures.
With gentle hands, he wiped the bloodied birds,
wrapped the broken bones,
and fed them until they mended.
Then he gave the confidence to fly again.
And fly we did.
Fly we do.

Who will take his place?
There are two answers.  
#1 Somebody else.  
#2 Me.

And it is not arrogance 
that replies with the second answer. 
It is what we are called to do.

To notice the pain of others,
to give sacrificially,
to live for something 
than ourselves.
To cast every crown, every praise, every accolade
at the feet of Jesus.
To be
Jesus in skin.

Who will take his place?

We will.

Long live the memory of the man
who noticed.
Who was never 
too busy
to shelter,
to mend,
and to teach us 
to fly.