The Write Word

Knives and Axes

My child is frustrated.  
He wants soooooooo desperately to read, 
but is chafing over the fact that he is being 
forced to first learn letters.  

He does NOT want to learn letters, 
they are such small things, 
his heart yearns for BIG things.  
Like sentences, chapters, volumes. 

He is itching to dive into the adventures 
encased within the tomes 
his older siblings are consuming. 

He is hungry for WORDS. 
And I am wasting his time on letters.  
His vision is BIG.  
And he thinks mine is too small.

Have you ever been there?  
Ever felt frustrated because you 
wanted, needed, were called to something, 
but instead of being launched 
out into your dream, 
you find yourself doing something that feels

Take heart my friend. You are not alone.  
You are instead in the throes of the painful place of training.  
Yes, I know you FEEL ready.  
But when the door has not opened, 
it is because God is preparing you 
for what you NEED. 

Feeling ready, 
rarely has anything to do 
with BEING ready.  

So take a lesson from the pocket knife and the ax.
Both are blades, wielded by a hand.
Both will cut wood.

God may call you to cut timber 
while you still have only a pocket knife.  

You FEEL the call and you answer it with a resounding 
But hacking away at an oak 
with your pocket knife, 
wearing out your arms, 
exhausting your strength 
may not be God's plan.  

Many times we are sent first to spend time 
splitting fire wood.   
Our heart is in the forest, 
but it is in the smaller task of splitting logs 
that we build our strength 
and get the feel of the blade.  

We are sent to practice on logs, 
in preparation for the forest.  

It can keep us from burning out 
our physical strength, 
hurting ourselves and others with wild swinging, 
or giving up in frustration, 
because our tools were inadequate.  

It is ok to feel frustrated
splitting logs.
Split them anyway.
It is ok to yearn for the forest.
Yearn, but split with diligence.

David spent time protecting/feeding sheep
and leading/rescuing rag-tag outlaws
before he became king.

Joseph spent time learning to 
run a household for Potiphar
and work with fellow prisoners
before he ran Egypt as Prime Minister.

So before you charge off into the forest
with the pocket knife skills you were born with, 
remember this,  
time spent sharpening your skills 
with an ax, 
is not time wasted.

Zechariah 4:10
Do not despise these small beginnings, 
for the Lord rejoices
to see the work begin....