The Write Word

The "got it done" list

I was feeling pretty puny about my "Got it done" list, compared to Honey Pie's list.  Then it occurred to me how unfair it is to judge my list by his.  For we have a wee bit of a difference in our work environments.  

He has 4 people he can call for assistance.  I also have 4 in house helpers.  But they are not exactly the same.  Not even close.

Not once has he ever found Sis. Laura (church sec) embroiled in hand-to-hand combat with Bro. Dunaway (dist sec) over WHO called dibs on the copy  machine.

When he sees his staff praying, they actually ARE, and not just trying to finagle their way out of being caught playing, instead of cleaning up.

When he calls one of his assistants and gives them a task, BABOOM, they dutifully go about working on his request.  
I can hand a broom and dust mop to two of my assistants and leave the kitchen only to return to find Black Beard doing battle with General Custer.  My helpers tend to be a little fuzzy on their time lines.

Nor does he ever have to take precious time (efficiency is key) to soothe ruffled  hormonal feathers of students who are having a rough day, while postponing algebra tests to "talk about it".  Not once has he had to hold Bro. Nate's hand (asst to Pastor/Youth  Minister) while he sobbed over the frustration of lost Lego pieces.  Nor has he had to scramble for a writing utensil, because his entire stash of pencils and pens had been taped together to make a fort for the army men.

After his power lunches with associates, which he does not have to prepare or serve, he does not have to clean up peanut butter smears from his workspace before resuming work.  

When he leaves his workspace, he returns to find it JUST like he left it.  No wee ones use his workspace to test popsicle missiles, nor do they shred styrofoam containers to make snowdrifts for their epic George Washington vs. the Brittish battles. 

He has NEVER 
stumbled upon his secretary 
collating his work papers like THIS.

If we are not careful, it is easy to become either discouraged, or bitter because we do not have the resources, or the fewer distractions, or the stronger support system others are blessed with.

Jesus was clear in his parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30) that everyone doesn't get the same amount of resources.  Some get more.  Some get less.  In our society of supposed equality it doesn't seem fair, and reality can be a bitter pill to swallow.  But it is true.  We don't all get the 160 IQ.  Not everyone is born physically unblemished.  We don't choose the gene pool we came from.  We didn't have a say in who our parents were. We don't all get to be born into a country where freedom is a given.  

But we all get life.  We all get the hope of Heaven.  We all get something to work with. And we all get 24 hours, everyday, to work with what we were given.  Many an individual has gained MORE from hard work, determination and grit than others who were born with a greater number of natural giftings.  Heart, not just smart, determines success.

There is no free pass for laziness, or self-indulgence.  If you are trusted with 10, you are expected to do what you can with 10.  If you are trusted with 1, you will be judged by what you do with your 1.  When I stand before my maker on Judgement Day, he won't ask me what I did with what he gave Honey Pie.  He will ask me what I did with what he gave me.

So I'll keep wiping up peanut butter, and breaking up mop & broom wars, and comforting teen age angst and telling little ones about God's plans for mankind through the ages, while Honey Pie writes a dissertation, helps grow the kingdom through our local congregation, works for an international ministry organization, and carries the burden of his calling.  

And while we both do what he called us, our Heavenly Father applauds us. 

My "done" list is not as long as his, but it is just as important.