The Write Word

Who's the Boss?

Submission is not an easy thing.  
From the moment we are born, 
we fight for our own way.

I am no exception.
Submission grates my skin,
like sandpaper it's grit rubs raw;
exposing the real me underneath.

While it goes against our nature,
 everyone submits 
to someone.

It’s what you do when you choose to be employed, you submit your “mission” of sleeping till noon, talking/texting to your friends all day to their “mission” of being productive in the area they direct you to.

It’s what you do when you choose to stop at a red light, 
when you’d rather plow on through 
because there are 
no cars on the road but yours.
It’s what you do when you choose to pay your taxes rather than spend them on a vacation to Hawaii.

Submission is part of our everyday life.

The heavy handed misuse of the principle of submission by non-Christ like individuals have given it a bad image.  The true pattern found in 1 Peter is that of a husband who takes time, effort and energy to study and learn his wife.  To get a PhD in her!  Husbands are instructed in 1 Peter 3:7 to study her, to honor her and treat her as an equal in Christ, and is warned that if he doesn't, God will not hear his prayers.

In Rachel language, this says 
"Look here son, I'm trusting you with 
my precious baby girl.  
Get to know her, what makes her tick, 
and remember she is MINE
before she is yours,
treat her like my daughter 
should be treated.
 And if you don't, 
don't even bother coming to me with 
your petitions for repentance, 
provision or protection." 

You don't get any more serious than that, 
to have your connection 
to the Father cut off.  
God takes this authority/submission thing seriously.  
So should we.

As a follower of Christ, I choose submission to my spiritual authority (Pastor) and to my husband.  
I do not find it to be an easy thing.
Simple, yes.  
Easy, no.

In choosing submission, 
I find that I learn a LOT about myself.
I see that I am often selfish.  
I see that I am easily irritated.
I see that I have a lot of pride.
And I would NEVER see these things, 
if I did not choose submission.

The weaker me, 
wants things MY way.
The undisciplined me, 
wants things MY way.
It takes strength and stamina 
to push past me 
big fat baby me
to get to the 
best me.

What about you?
Who do you submit to?
Who has veto power in your life?
How are you doing in submitting 
your will/mission
to that of your authority?

Do you take your role of 
spiritual authority

Everyone follows someone.
Everyone leads someone.
I beg you to prayerfully consider
your role in submission.
may be at stake.