The Write Word

Go ahead, jump.

I have decided to hurl myself off a ledge, 
and I’m taking my kids with me.

I’ve spent hours, researching the strengths and weaknesses 
of each brand of equipment; 
matching it to the strengths and weaknesses 
of my individual children. 
Which cords are strongest?  
Which harness will fit each child best? 
They have different builds and their support needs are varied.  

If I do this right, 
they will remember this experience with joy and wonder. 
If I do this wrong, 
they may walk with a limp the rest of their lives.  
Or worse.

These are BIG decisions.  
And they are not easy to make.

Have you ever been there? 
Knowing that you really neeeeeed a change, 
but scared to make it.  
Making decisions can be 
paralyzing sometimes.  
The potential danger of making the 
wrong one 
often keeps people from making 
one at all.  
They stand, frozen, undetermined 
and terrified.  
Others make hasty decisions, 
often with dire consequences, 
living to regret them.  
Faced with the possibility of failure, 
some of us stand still and let others 
make all of our decisions for us.

Sometimes we let other peoples views 
of what we should do sweep us along.  
Buying into the one-size-fits-all life plan.

We plod along in dissatisfying relationships 
never taking the effort to enrich and grow
our marriages 
and family interactions. 

We work in jobs that are unfulfilling, 
simply because we do not take initiative 
to find out what we would thrive doing.  

We become fat and unhealthy by eating the 
cheap and easy foods hawked to us by 
someone interested only in our dollars. 

We practice a religion simply because it 
was the one our parents had, 
never seeking out a personal experience with our Creator.  
We flow through life like a piece of driftwood, 
simply rolling with the tide.  
And we become bloated, dissatisfied, 
disengaged clumps of humanity. 

Oh but darling, you were made for more than this. 
Jesus said he came that you might have life, 
and have it in abundance!  
John 10:10  

You were made for more than just drifting, 
you were made made to drink 
from the cup of adventure, 
to bask in the rays of brilliant blessings, 
to splash in the streams of inspiration. 

Why drift, when you can drive?  
Why float, when you can sail? 

Why practice a religion of tradition or convenience 
but not KNOW Jesus? 
There is SO much more for you to experience
 than just sitting on a pew. 

You can taste, touch, see and hear things 
that open your understanding to him.  
So do what we are doing, attend some classes, 
enroll in a Bible study here
crack open the scriptures every day
Support an abandoned child,
get help conquering a sexual habit 
get your finances under control
and take the leap. 

Don’t be a spiritual drifter, open the sails, 
catch the wind of the spirit and see the wonders 
out there waiting for you.  
Sure, it may cost you some friends.  
It will involve giving up some of the things 
that make your fit in with the other drifters.  
Invest in your marriage.
Invest in your children.
Invest in your future.

Oh, and that jump I’m preparing to make, 
it's into education.  
I’ve left the drift pattern we were in 
(one size fits all education plan) 
and I’ve researched, purchased 
and am now assembling our gear. 

God made a great big world, 
and we are going to learn about it in a 
great big way! 
His designs are unique, 
and so are our learning styles.  
So we are combining his best with our best.  

Check, click, snap, spring, buckle up kids, here we go!

Now it's your turn, come on
take a leap with us
a leap of 

It is not going to be easy, 
It's not going to be cheap.  
But it is going to be worth it.