The Write Word

It's going to be all right

My darling Babycakes thinks he's been struck a fatal blow.  
His beautiful eyes are gummy with film, blurring his vision.  
His baby lungs are full of congestion, producing a cough that sounds 
like a freight train underwater .  
His temples are pounding, making it painful to think.  
And to top it all of, his nose is no longer his happy little friend, 
bringing in sweet air to breathe, 
NO, it has gone berserk and has decided 
it wants to play Niagara Falls. 

His heretofore fairly happy existence has come to a 
shuddering, hacking, pounding, mucus bubble blowing halt.

He is the very picture of misery, with no comfort to be found.  
His sense of taste is gone, 
reducing the taste of his favorite foods to that of 
mud, tree bark and gravel. 

 The very sound of my voice seems to grate on his frayed nerves.  
To him, life is completely stripped of comforts.  
He is in pain, and feels abandoned by the things 
that once brought happiness. 

 To a toddler, this can only mean ONE thing; 
life is over.  
He knows what he feels; life has lost all hope of happiness.  
I know the truth; this is temporary. 

Have you ever been here?  
Walking along doing fine then 
BAAAAAAM out of nowhere you are left 
shaking, woozy and weak, looking around dazed, 
trying to identify the thing that 
smacked you right off your happy horse.  

It sounds like this
"The baby didn't make it." 
"Dad had a heart attack."
"Your sister has been in a wreck."
"I don't love you anymore." 
"Your job is being out sourced." 
"The test came back positive for ...." 
"Mom, I've decided to ...."

Your eyes grow weep weary, 
and the voices of your friends grate on your raw nerves.  
It feels like the people who once brought you comfort 
are now an irritant.  
Food tastes like mud in your mouth, 
and you just want to crawl into a hole.  
And never come out.  

And you feel like it will be this way forever. 

Take heart my friend.  
Weeping may endure for a long, brutally dark night, 
but joy will come again.  

Like the sun that gently separates the 
pitch black darkness of the night sky, 
you will find joy will gently separate 
the fibers of your sorrow, 
your pain, your anguish, 
and you will walk again
in the sunshine of joy. 

Don’t measure your night by how you feel.
Measure it by truth.

Do you know what being wrong feels like?
It feels EXCTLY like being right.

Please know that regardless of how you feel right now,
your Father has it in control.
He saw this coming,
a loooooong way back down the road.
And he has already prepared a way through it.
He is holding you in the palm of His hand.
You are not alone.
The darkness wont last forever.
It's going to be all right.

Here, just for you, a song of hope.  
going to be 
all right.

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