The Write Word

Home Learners Are Not Freaks

As a public service announcement for homeschoolers everywhere, 
I want to offer the following information.

We are not freaks
Not all home scholars are radical religious cult members, 
hippies or anarchist. 
We don’t all make our own bread and yogurt.  
Only the lucky ones. 
Most of us are regular people.  
Check out the stats there.

Contrary to popular belief, home schooled children 
are not missing out on honing their social skills. 
We are not turning out painfully shy, socially stunted, 
weak willed wimps. 
Statistics prove it is just the opposite. 
Home learners are among the most secure, 
confident children in America.
A recent study found that home learners ranked 84th 
while public schooled students ranked 23rd 
when tested using the Vineyard Adaptive Behavior Scales 
in areas of maturity and well adapted behaviors in children.  
See the article here.

A popular misconception is that home learners 
do not receive quality education.
There is an idea floating out there that home learners 
mostly sit at home in their pjs  eating tree bark and gravel granola 
while quoting Bible verses and counting on their fingers.  
It’s just plain wrong.  
We do get dressed when we go to the library.

The majority of homeschoolers do better on their college 
placement tests than public scholars.   
A study published by CBS here found that home learners have 
higher ACT scores, earn more college credits, have higher GPA’s 
during college and graduate with higher GPA’s.  
They also had a higher college completion rate.  
When looking at homeschoolers as adults, 
the study found that homeschooled graduates were more likely 
to have voted and volunteered in community service projects 
than non-homeschooled.

Home schooling is NOT for everyone
When it comes to education, there is NO one-size-fits-all method.  
Just like you can wash your clothes at a laundromat, 
or in your home, or hire a housekeeper to do it, 
the method of educating your children
 is up to you.  
Different things work for different people. 

Respect for each other’s decisions is of paramount importance 
when it comes to the decisions each family makes 
regarding the education of their children.

I am thankful for the public school teachers 
and the private school teachers who shared 
the wonderful world of knowledge with me.  

I am grateful to my mother, a retired public school teacher 
and all the wonderful public 
and private school teachers I call friends.  
The world is a BETTER place 
because you are sharing your gifts with children.

Every family needs to do what works BEST for their family.  
For some of us, that means learning at home.