The Write Word

Comparison ~ the thief of joy

I met a thief in the hospital on Thursday; 
baby G contracted a virus 
and became dehydrated. 
While we were in turn to be called, 
the thief made his appearance 
on a waiting room T.V. game show.  

The show featured four brides 
who attended each other’s weddings 
and then rated them in effort 
to win an exotic honeymoon. 

The once-in-a-lifetime event, 
the day that they had each meticulously planned, 
every detail given heartfelt attention to, 
was stripped of its meaning
and given a number.

“They should have used more color”
 “Her dress was too plain”
 “The chicken was dry”
“The flowers looked skimpy”
 “The music wasn’t very good”
  The sacred ceremony reduced to a scorecard.  
And for what? 
A trip.  

The trade off just doesn’t add up.  
You can save up for an exotic trip, 
but your wedding day 
 it’s a one-time deal. 
The vows, two people becoming one, 
the celebration with friends and family 
reduced to competition
who could think this would be a good idea?  

But I have done the same thing.  
Many times.

I have allowed pinterest birthday party photos 
to make me feel like a dullard mother.  
I have ogled Facebook photos 
of my friends vacations, 
not in an 
“I’m so glad for you” 
way either. 
I have, in short, 
drunk the poison elixir of comparison.

When we choose to sip from the cup of the joy thief, 
we ingest a
biting brew of bitterness
a dour drink of discontent 
a poison pint of pity.

Our creator knew that the joy thief 
would like nothing better than to 
strip us of the joy in our lives.   

2 Corinthians 2:10 
warns us against the foolishness
 of comparing ourselves, 
of measuring ourselves with others.

Like David we can choose to say, 
“my cup runneth over”.  
My cup may be smaller than yours, 
it may be wood, 
yours may be gold, 
but it’s the cup God trusted me with.  

If I compare mine with yours, 
I’m saying that God does not know 
what is best
for me. 

To be wise, 
we must lay down the measuring stick, 
the scorecard, 
the measuring cup.

So go ahead, pour up a big ol cup of gratitude, 
and start sipping. 
That ol joy thief, 
he can go pour his poisonous brew 
somewhere else.  
On T.V. perhaps, 
where it seems he is 
welcomed, encouraged, and celebrated.  

I’m going to keep opening up the 
Book of Wisdom
 and let it’s waters of life 
keep filling my cup, 
and my home.  

On Facebook and Pinterest, 
I'm going to sip while I interact, 
practice as I pin; 
as for me and my mouse, 
we will serve the Lord.