The Write Word

Purchased Pretty vs Timeless Beauty

We are made in the image of God
We, his creation, love beauty.

We long for it.
We need it.
But like all needs, 
the need for beauty 
can be twisted to our hurt.

The warped world we live in 
has taken this 
need for beauty
and turned it into 
something ugly.

Instead of encouraging us to 
become beautiful 
through growth,
through the practice of the
spiritual disciplines, 
it tells us that we can 
BUY beauty.

We see it 
in the new
in advertisement papers
and compare it to
 last years 
in our closet
and it tells us that 
we need....

We see it in the
the airbrushed 
on the billboards,
and the face in the mirror
can not compare.

"You need this product."
And you'll need an new one tomorrow.
"You need this look."
And there will be a new one next season.
"You need this thing."
And it will wear out, or go out of style soon.

And the 
ugly truth
behind the lie
is that you will wear yourself out
running after 
purchased pretty.

(1 Peter 3:3)
Don't let the things that 
make you beautiful 
be things on the outside,
like the way you arrange your hair
or the clothing you wear.
Make sure that your beauty comes from 
inside you, 
the unfading beauty
of a gentle, quieted spirit
which is highly valued
in Gods sight.

This is not saying 
"Don't wear beautiful things"
it is saying
"Don't let what 

Real beauty can't be bought. 
It is  not in a tube 
or on a hanger. 

You can't arrange it, 
not with a braid, 
or a pin curl 
or with a brush. 

You can't wear it, 
you have to grow it.

Fashion fades.
Bodies age.
But real beauty 
is a treasure
all can afford,
and none outgrow.