The Write Word

Nana Bread

Nana has been here for 14 days.  
She lives in Texas. I live in Illinois.
We don't get to see each other much.

While she was here 
she watched over my children,
the four of my own,the four extra 
that were here on Thursday.

She watched them
while I took one to the Dr,
while I took one to the dentist,
while I visited a dying friend,
while I went to his wake,
while I went to his funeral.

She washed about a thousand garments.
Matched up about a hundred pair of socks.
Cooked a bunch of meals.
Washed a ton of dishes.

Read the Bible 
and hand wrote out verses 
Then helped him memorize them.

She did all this, graciously.
The only thing she asked for 
while she was here
was bread.

For all the hours of serving,
for all the sacrificed peace,
she only wanted
a piece
of bread.

Bread for Nana

One cup honey.
A gallon of honey is the work of 2 million flower taps by a bee.
Work is not empty drudgery,
 it comes with sweet rewards.
Fold clothes. Tap, tap, tap.
Wash a dish. Tap, tap, tap.
Write out a Bible verse, help a child memorize it. Tap, tap, tap.

Work is not just work, 
it is building up sweet things,
memories that will sweeten loss,
security that will ease fear.


10 cups white wheat flour
(which I purchase)

Sometimes, I need something
I cannot make myself.

Like perspective.
Like correction.

There is no shame in asking,
 in getting,
outside help.


7-9 cups whole wheat flour
(which I grind)

Yes, it takes time.
Yes, it is noisy. 
Yes, it makes a bit of a mess.
But it is more nutritious.

Some things
I should not rely on others for.
Like my prayer life.
Some things, 
in order to be healthy,
I have to 
grind out 


One cup oil
Oil is made by applying pressure.
The pressures I feel
do not have to 
feel good
to bring out 
something good
in me.

Ask not "Why me?" 
 Ask instead "What is this bringing out in me"


2 Tablespoons Salt
(Matthew 5:13)
If I lose my 
God designed purpose
then everything I am supposed to do
for His glory
will instead be 
work done in 

Remember your purpose.


 I braided two of the loaves.
Ecc. 4:12
A triple braided cord does not break easily.

Keeping Christ interwoven into marriage
makes it stronger.


To the two braided loaves 
I added brown sugar and cinnamon.

Marriage needs spice.
Relationships needs sweetness.

time and money
in keeping things
spicy and sweet
is not 
time or money

 Let it rise.

 through the process
pays off.

Some things are 
just going to take time.
Don't judge something by how it looks 
Give it time
to grow.

Like kids.
Like teenagers.
Like new believers.
Like my own maturity.


Bake 30 min at 350.

The fire of the oven may be painful
but it is necessary.

Don't faint in the face of the flame.

Somethings I only learn
in the heat of a trial.

Let it cool
If I grab some things while they are hot
(temper temper)
I will ruin them.

Let things cool off before diving in.


It is made to be eaten.

Yes, most of what I do
is going to be GONE
by tomorrow.

The dishes will need to be washed.
The groceries will need to be purchased.
The baths will need to be taken, the clothes washed, 
the prayers said,

Remember that it's not just
we do
that has value
that is important
but also
we do it
that has impact.
In our homes.
In our world.

After the slices are eaten
are the only witness to 
my work.

Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me
all the days of my life...

What I do is not meant to be be placed on a shelf and admired.
It is made to be broken and consumed.
So that everywhere I go
people are left 
stronger (goodness)
sweeter (mercy)
because I was there.

left behind me
will give testimony
to my life.



7 cups hot water
1 cup oil
1 cup honey
 (I usually sneak in more)
10 cups white wheat flour
2 Tablespoons dough enhancer
2 Tablespoons salt
4 Tablespoons yeast
7-9 cups whole wheat flour

Put first 6 ingredients in Bosh kitchen mixer, mix to combine.
Add yeast.
Knead on speed 1while adding in
 whole wheat flour gradually.
Add dough until it starts to pull away cleanly from sides of bowl.

Turn to speed 2 when it starts to gear down.
Mix for 4/5 minutes.

Slather up your hands & countertop with oil.
Slam dough onto greased countertop about 7 times.
This whomps the air bubbles out. 

Divide your whomped into submission dough
into 6 equal pieces.
Whallop each piece about 7 more times
and shape into loaves.
You may braid these loaves if you wish.

Ease your dough baby (or braid) into a loaf pan.
(I use heavy pans that need no greasing)
Cover with dish bowl and let rise until doubled.
This can take 60-90 min depending 
on the temp of your house.

Bake at 350 for 30-35 min or until
golden brown.

Cool on cooling rack then turn out onto counter.
If you like crusty bread edges
allow to cool before storing in plastic bags.
If you like soft edges on your bread
put into plastic zip bag while warm
and the moisture will condense and keep it super soft.