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Eat Whatever You Want (On The Run) Diet

I have been struggling through the maze of weight loss options out on the market in a vain attempt to find one that is right for me.  Alas the "Eat what you want in enormous amounts and loose 10 lbs daily" diet has eluded my pursuit.  With all the choices… Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, Low Fat, Butter Busters etc. that clamor for my attention and devotion, I still find myself without a weight loss plan so I have devised my own.  I intend to share it with you trusted few.  As we all drop lbs you can spread my plan and I too shall become a pop lb-loss icon with Dr. Atkins and Jenny Craig!

My 7 day plan is simple and has only a few ingredients you would need to procure. Since the plan only uses 2 days of effort you can dine the other 5 on fried chicken, chocolate cake, chicken Alfredo and cookies!  Since no one has time to exercise I have planned some right into the diet. You won't even have to plan for exercise time.  It’ll just come to you!

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday -eat as much of what ever you like! Enjoy!

Wednesday and Sunday - eat your fill of prunes and drink a gallon of the prune juice.  No other foods or liquids are allowed.
This is where your exercise will come in.  Run honey!

5 days worth of your favorite foods
2 one lb boxes of prunes
2 one-gallon jars of prune juice
One box of depends

Right..... you wouldn't think of doing this physically, so why do we do it spiritually?  Purging ourselves on Sundays and midweek Bible study does not undo 5 days worth of unhealthy, self gratifying living.  Every day counts.  Every choice counts.

If we fill our bodies with unhealthy foods, we will reap the rewards that come with it.  Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, worn out organs/joints/cells, these are the results of poor diet, and the neglect of eating the foods God made to grow.  Our relationships, finances, character and world view are also shaped by the mental choices we make.  Be not deceived, God's harvest law is not a joke, what ever seeds we sow, of that same plant we will eat.  Every day counts.  Every choice counts.

You can't be healthy on a 2 day a week diet; you can't reap the full benefits of having a Christ like life on  part time service.