The Write Word

Always a Bride never a Mother

When God instituted the relationship between man and woman it was that of husband and wife.  At first.  But the natural progression, after the fall, was that they would reproduce.  It was not enough for Adam and Eve to be husband and wife, but to be parents.

God set into nature the inner motivation for women to reproduce.  We see it in Gen 30:1 where Rachel is so desperate to have children that she pleads with Jacob  to give her children or she will die from her despair of being barren.  She is saying that without reproducing, she feels there is no point to go on living.  That... is the heart of a mother.  We still see this chemical reaction to the passage of time, commonly referred to as "her clock is ticking", where an internal tap begins and natures ancient rhythm begins to beat in the heart of women.   As sure as the beat of her physical heart is the beat of her emotional one, thump-thump thump-thump, prepare to conceive life.  Thump-thump thump-thump get ready to birth it.  Thump-thump thump-thump get ready to raise it.  It is the rhythm of love, it is the rhythm of life.

God revealed himself as Groom and redeemed humanity, the church, as his Bride. Being the bride is a glorious thing. To be rescued from the old life, cleaned up, polished, our old tattered rags replaced with the glorious robe of redemption, ahhhh being bride is wonderful.

We are bride because He loved us first, wooed us and we willingly gave our hearts to him.  We are mother, only, if we are willing participants in the conception, gestation, labor and raising of offspring.    Being the bride is beautiful.  Becoming a mother is brutal, bloody, backbreaking work.

To be bride forever, would go against the law of nature, Gods design.  For it decrees that when both parties are healthy, sooner or later, conception will follow consummation.  But far too often the church is content to just be bride, when God is calling her to be mother.

How long will we traipse around in our finery, celebrating the wedding anniversary year after year, while the nursery collects cobwebs?  How long will we be radiant brides, but not reproduce?  Being beautiful, but not bountiful.  Looking lovely but not giving life.  How long until Zion travails?

Who among us is ready to conceive a burden, carry it through the gestation period, endure the pangs of labor, deliver new life, then nurture it to sustainability?  Willing to go sleepless nights because of the growing burden inside that robs you of your comfortable rest?  Willing to lay aside frivolous pursuits to prepare for the growing family?  Willing to sacrifice self, finances, time, effort and energy to  pour into new lives?  Who among us feels the thump-thump of Gods heartbeat for souls, feels the desire to hear a soul take it's first breath of heavenly air, cry out in the Heavenly language?

How long will you be content, to just be a bride?