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Unmet Expectations

Have you ever had a job where your expectations were unclear?  It is so frustrating to get to the end of a project only to be told you didn't meet an expectation that was not expressed.  Many times our greatest emotional distress in life comes when unexpressed expectations go unmet

Let me be your friend here and save you some grief in life.  Men don’t speak hint.  They don’t read minds.  They don’t just ‘get’ what you want/expect.  So save them some frustration and save yourself some disappointment and TELL them, in detail, exactly what you want/expect.  I know, I know, having to ask for it sort of defeats the purpose of gift giving/receiving but after you stop getting shotguns and weed eaters for your birthday and the massages and gift cards start rolling in, you’ll thank me.  So will he!

I wonder if God ever feels that way, frustrated with unmet expectations from the people who say they love Him?  Thankfully, we don’t have to wonder or guess what He expects.  He lays it out soooooo clearly. Miciah 6:8 
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. 
And what does the LORD require of you? 
To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. (NIV)
HOW do we do this?
Today let’s look at part one, we’ll take on the rest of the verse in the next post.

First we act justly.  We do the acts of Justice.  We stand up for the oppressed, we give voice to the voiceless, we defend the weak, we protect the helpless and we heal the wounded.  We are not called to just feel sorry for them, to pity them or to weep over them, we are called to ACT in the name of justice.  This pleases God.  This we are required to do. 

Somewhere in the darkness of the night, the little one was finally able to cry.  She knows that if her tormenter hears her crying, the pain will begin again.  So, silently, the tears well up from her wounded heart and rush up through her blackened eyes and down over her bruised cheeks.  She doesn’t make a sound, because even a sob will push against the blue finger marks left on her ribs.  But she prays in her mind, with words that slice through the heavens with the speed of lightening. “Please, God, send someone to help me”.  And her Heavenly Father, sends out a request of his own, to you, “Please, go help her”.  Will  you?

Practical Steps
“I can’t take in a child” you say, and you are right. But you are wrong.  You CAN.  You see a bake sale could help bandage a soul.  A garage sale could help cloth a naked heart, a fund raiser could help raise a crushed spirit.  A monthly gift can help feed, bathe, lovingly house a thrown away child.  You may not have room in your HOUSE, but do you have room in your HEART?

If we have money to eat out, or for perfume, or pedicures, or accessories or toys, we have money to save a child.  And God is asking us to. 

Tupelo Children’s Mansion takes in abandoned, neglected and abused children.  They care for their wounded bodies, broken spirits, bruised minds and battered souls.  They need partners, people who will hear the cry of the Heavenly Father, and the cry of the hurting child, and answer with compassion.  One time gifts, monthly support, help on their buildings/grounds, each would help so much. 

What would GOD have you do to bring JUSTICE?
Answer the cry, rescue a child,  click here.

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