The Write Word

Home for Thanksgiving

There is nothing like truth 
to open your eyes 
to the joy stealing lie 
of if. 
We could be thankful 
If only...
If not for...
But it's a lie.
The truth is, what we have 
No if’s ands or buts about it.  
Enough for thanks giving.  
Enough for thanks living.

It started when I heard 

“Rachel, we need to pray, right now” . 
Brent said it with THAT voice.  
You know the one.  
It can barely be heard, 
so tight are the vocal cords drawn, 
as if by keeping down the sound 
they can keep down the message.  

One look at his wet eyes and a haggard face 
and I knew.  
I didn’t know who, 
but I knew what.  

He had just got the news that earlier that day, 
Thanksgiving morning,  
our friends Chris & Vickie Hammonds
lost their daughter Kristen & her husband Josh Miller, 
a young bride and groom of 5 months, 
in a highway accident as they traveled from PA to IL.

Truth #1 
Replaceable cars are wrapped in steel, 
rebuildable homes in brick. 
But life is wrapped tissue thin skin.  
We are all bound in bands of blood and bone.  
So easily broken.  
So easily spilled.  
So easily gone.

Truth #2
We often think we are building memories 
for our children to remember us.  
When sometimes, 
we are building memories 
for us 
to remember 

Truth #3
We should be most thankful for the things
that are not

As we prayed for the family 
I wondered if anyone asked  
“Where are you going for Thanksgiving” 
if Kristen smiled and said
“I’m going home” 

  I can almost hear Heaven whisper
“Yes ...
you are” 

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