The Write Word

Handing tools, holding ladders

Today with a heavy hearts and a tear sodden souls we laid to rest a giant of a man.  A man who had made wise, and often difficult, choices in life.  A man who built a great legacy. 

If marriage is a house of love, then he built a palace.  With acts of service, deference of spirit and gentle words of affirmation he crafted a masterpiece, worthy of his Queen, his precious Laura.  I doubt there has ever been a more or better loved woman than she.

If character is a building, then he built a skyscraper.  With years of dedicated service, faithfulness and dependability he labored to build an edifice that had strength enough to house his family, his church family, his friends and the thousands, yes, thousands of children he loved through the years. 

When he was young, he gave his gift of strength working in Gods service.  Building, remodeling, maintaining and caring for Gods house and the automobiles that brought folks to it. 

He was active in the hospitality ministry, an usher until his last service.  When he was older he gave his gift of wisdom, training younger men to follow in his steps, guiding them through the ropes of bus ministry.  As an elder he gave his last gift, that of example.  He said “I am older now, and there is not much I can do.  But I can hand tools and hold ladders.  So I will.”

Oh that that spirit would grip me.  And the hearts of my generation.  To have the Darby Do-ism spirit.  Happy to serve in support ministry.  Happy to do what is needed, what we are best suited for in what ever stage of life we are in.  Not determined to be in the spotlight, showcasing our best ability, but happy to hand tools or hold ladders.   

Oh to have a Darby kind of heart.   A servant’s heart.  A heart like Christ.