The Write Word

Want To Dance?

We are a family of dancers.  My children have perfected some spectacular jitterbug moves, also known as the Potty Dance.   The whole family is proficient in The Happy Dance, usually done when we get our favorite food.  I myself do a magnificent rendition of The Joyful Jump, reserved for rare and valuable garage sale and thrift store finds.    But we also dance with God.  Yes indeed, we do the three step introduced in Micah 6:8  Incorporating the dance steps of justice, mercy, thinking of others and pleasing God.

In the dance of life we assume that certain steps are off limits.  Murder,  stealing,  misuse of the weak.  But it only takes a peek at the headlines to see that there is a double standard when it comes to these fundamental principles. Far too many have chosen to dance with the devil.

The Bernie Madoff scandal boiled the blood of Americans everywhere.  The dance of deception and greed, flagrant stealing of other people’s money was outrageous.  But how many Americans cheat on their taxes, stealing money from the government?  How many people surf the internet at work, take personal calls or work on personal projects, stealing time from their employer?  How many people do not pay tithe, stealing money from God?  Hummmm. 

The dance of hatred and evil that resulted in the murder and beheading of Daniel Pearl and the murder of the Amish schoolgirls was shocking and appalling to Americans.  Our hearts were torn and our minds were enraged, but do we give a thought to the millions of babies sacrificed on the alter of convenience? 
The photographs of Haitian orphans jitterbugged us from our comfortable settings and we poured out our compassion through our wallets.  We wept at the thought of these helpless children, abandoned by circumstance.  But how many of us so soon began to sway again to the music of complacency and forgot about the thousands of abandoned children and orphans right here on our own shores?

One of the ways our family has chosen to fulfill this commandment is with steps of support by teaming with  
  • Tupelo Children’s Mansion The mansion ministers to abandoned and orphaned children and gives them a home and a family environment to grow up in. According to James 1:27 this dance is one that is "pure and undefiled religion". 

    It is so easy to listen to the band play the songs of self promotion, our feet tapping to the rhythm of our wants, our needs.  It is more pleasant to dance along to that easy listening music.  The other dance takes more effort, more time, more….. everthing.  Check out your dance card, the calendar, the checkbook.  They reflect our priorities with clarity.  Who’s tune are you dancing to?