The Write Word

The Beauty of the Bigger Truth

I used to think that that the term truth was exclusive in its use.  In one situation there could be many perspectives but only one truth.  Or so I thought.  But as I am older and wiser I have learned that there can indeed be more than one truth in a given situation.  They can even contradict one another.  Or at least seem to.

For example: 
While at a Christmas banquet my friend walks up to me and dashes her glass of tea on my head, dousing me in sugary ooze, ruining my hair, dress and evening. I am in a humiliating position, having been so greatly insulted at the hand of my friend.

In this instance the situation I find myself in may not be immediately  explained. I might even feel justified to leap to my feet and dash my glass into her face in retaliation, or begin to weep and wail loudly about what a rotten thing she has done, how I do not deserve this treatment. I might even berate her to everyone within earshot.

However if I am wise I will consider two truths.  #1 She is my friend and has always done what is in my best interest. #2 She has just thrown a glass of tea on my head.  Before I draw my conclusion of the matter I must consider which of these truths are the BIGGER of the two.  If the first one is true, that she does what is in my best interest, then it is a distinct possibility that a candle  has caught my hair is fire! 

While I have never been a participant in this exact occurrence I have many times found myself gasping in disbelief as a cold dash of unexpected trouble drips down my soul and puddles about my emotions.   Often the trouble is sent my direction from the hand of someone I love, or from life itself, seemingly from the hand of God.  There I stand, drenched and half drowned, bewildered and disbelieving.   Only to find out that the action, rebuke or warning helped to put out a fire in my present or future.  And the beauty of the BIGGER truth prevailed.  It was for my greater good.

And so I have learned to look beyond the toss, the splatter and the puddles and drips of the experience and find the beauty of the bigger truth that prevails in my life.  God Almighty is ultimately the hand holding the cup and what ever comes out of it, whether held to my lips to quench my thirst or dashed into my face unexpectedly, it holds the same blessing.  It’s for my good.  And it just doesn’t get any prettier than that.