The Write Word

More or Less

There are less is more people and there are more is more people. I dive head first with glee into the latter category. If one is good surely two is better and three is blissfully better still. But not everyone is as as finely tuned to the truths of the universe as I am. Then again, some things are simply a matter of perspective.

My friend G has 2 black skirts, one short, one long, which she says meet all her needs. I have ten. At least. Knee length, ankle length, with flounces, with fringe, bias cut, cotton, linen, silk, wool... you get the drift. It is beyond me how TWO black skirts can possibly meet your every need. Her closet is a wonder of efficiency. All her clothes hang neatly and are easily accessible. All 6 of them. She can get dressed in the dark as all her things are pretty much identical twins. My closet is filled with every color of the rainbow and I need a searchlight to find the item I am searching for as it is sandwiched between its cousins.

The thing that keeps her in new things every once in awhile is the same thing that keeps me from getting tooooooo much.We both are blessed with husbands who speak truth to us regarding our 'more or less' way of doing things. And we are both wise enough to listen to them.

 Because with out a wise word from someone who has our best interests at heart most of us will stray toward what is comfortable, but not always best. We might end up with a room full of black skirts, or guitars, or antiques, or electronics, or tools when we really needed just one or two. Or we might end up self absorbed and too focused on what pleases us instead of what is healthy for our family.

I know this from bitter experience. My dad is a more is more person, to the point of neurosis. He has in his living room an entire set of marching band uniforms from the 1970's. Because 'someone might need them'. Seriously. He also has three, yes three, couches stacked in the kitchen in his rent house, you guessed it, because 'someone might need it'. He can barely get into bed because of the stacks of 'good' stuff piled there. He has pushed his family and friends right out of his life because of his obsessions. We would like to get him some help, but he refuses it. There probably was a time, years ago, when he could have been helped. The problem is that he would never allow anyone to speak truth to him regarding his actions and where they were leading him. Now it is too late. He is too far gone.

My plea to you is a simple one, set up some authority in your life. Someone you allow to speak truth to you. Painful truths. Truths like "If you do not change you are pushing your children away and going to end up a lonely old person one day". Truths like "You are ruining your health with your undisciplined eating habits". Truths like "You are taking care of your career but neglecting your soul". Because the voice of truth in your ear is worth more than gold in the bank. And we are all blind to areas in our lives that need to be corrected. So set it up now, the voice of truth. And when it crosses you, and it will, be willing to listen. Don't end up one of those sad sad people who have MORE of what they wanted.. but LESS of what they need.