The Write Word

Trust Funds

Trust funds are not just for the rich, there are not so rich folks who sacrifice to set aside snippits of money for their children. They take on the burden of sacrifice, giving up little luxuries for themselves so that their children may be blessed in the future. For some it is money stuck into a sock drawer, saving for a used car. For others it is a second job so that their children may attend college or trade school. Little bits of money chosen to be invested instead of used today. In the end, years later, the little bits add up and the wee bits become so much more than they originally were. The completed gift is far greater than the sum of the total pieces. The soft drinks not purchased, the dinners out not indulged in, the magazine subscriptions not renewed, these are transformed into an education, a wedding or a partial down payment on a vehicle or home. What a wonderful thing to be able to look back on and be proud of, to have set aside treasure for our children.

But there is a greater investment we can make. Yes, education, transportation and celebrations are important, very important. But consider with me the wee bits of time we often squander on little luxuries for ourselves that could better be tucked away in the trust fund of our children’s memories. Time we spend online, in front of a screen, on the phone, behind a paper, on a computer. Consider the moments we could, if we chose, to spend instead reading with a child, playing a game, taking a drive or walk, working on a project or hobby together. Little and often make much, moments spent together accumulate interest at a substantial rate, yielding great return.

By giving up some ‘you’ time and investing in ‘us’ time we build the greatest of all trust funds…. Trust. The greatest influence in a child’s life is its parents. Building trust with our children increases our influence by leaps and bounds. Family table, eating together and discussing the days events is a powerful way to invest in our families. Spending time over a board game, interacting in play time, discussing ideas presented in family media and reading aloud are all powerful ways to increase the Trust Fund you are building.

Odyssey stories ( are a wonderful way to connect with timeless principles. Listen to these drama’s in the car and discuss the story, you will be surprised to hear what your children take away from the tale. Each year we purchase a set as a family Christmas gift and listen through out the year. This year we have invested in a family pass to a museum. As we take the time to walk those halls we will hold more than a little hand for a day, we will hold their hand forever in the memory of that day. Trust, you can’t buy it, but you can build it.