The Write Word


According to the theory of evolution plants, animals and humans adapt to their surroundings and change their physical characteristics in order to more efficiently thrive. For example, evolution suggests that the giraffe developed its long neck so that it could reach the food supply found in the trees. It also suggests that humans lost their monkey tails because we no longer needed them. If I were a believer in evolution these two examples would cause me to backslide and leave my evolutionary faith. For the simple reason that I could desperately USE both the ability to grow new body parts AND I could really use a monkey tail.
As a mother of 4 it would be realllllly handy to have that monkey tail to open cabinet doors while I balance a baby on my hip and stir up our dinner while eyeballing the 12 year olds vocabulary sheet. In indeed evolution were a fact instead of a theory, I am thoroughly convinced that mothers would have followed the supposed evolutionary tract of the octopus and have 8 arms. Goodness knows we could sure put them to good use.
But the fact of the matter is this, we do not evolve. We were created. Our creator designed us perfectly. Sure, we could have been designed to nurse our babies out of the end of our index finger, and how convenient that would have been! But we weren’t. Creator God made is so that we have skin to skin contact, baby smells, hears and feels mother while his belly is filled. In so doing, he begins the lifelong bonding with this important person in his life. The person that is going to tell him ‘No’, the person who is going to discipline, reprove and guide him through some rough times later on. But before she has to take on the role of rule maker\teacher and they have conflict, he learns to love and trust her and associate her with good things. In those hours spent skin to skin, baby and mother knit stitches into the rope that ties them together for a lifetime. As God intended, as God designed.
So it is in the life of a Christian. First we come to know God as our savior, protector, giver of good things. But as we grow, we hear him say ‘No’ to the sinful desires of our hearts. We are corrected when we disobey. And because of our knowledge of his unfailing desire for our BEST we know that times of discipline are for our good.
So when I am chafing under the ‘NO’, or struggling with His plan me, I realize I need go back to his arms. Like a wee baby who is held close and loved, fed and comforted in the arms of its mother, I go back in prayer and in scripture study to be reassured that my life is NOT merely evolving. It is designed. And it is designed perfectly.
My are ordered by God when I am living a righteous (doing what is right) life. (Psalms 37:23 the RCV – Rachel Coltharp Version)