The Write Word

The Art In My Heart

The human mind has the amazing ability to capture a slice of our experience and flash paint it onto a canvas of memory. We hang these slices of memory in the art gallery of our heart. There they hang, the good the bad and the ugly.

I realize that none of the renderings in my gallery are actual, factual, images of reality. They reflect my perception of the events and actions. But they are mine, hung on the wall of my heart. Some happily displayed, lighted and prominent. Others shrouded with drop cloths, rarely peeked at. A few are turned to face the wall. Some bring a smile to my face, others a pang of regret, sadness, even anger. For many years I have kept certain ones at arms length, too busy to ‘deal’ with them. But for a while now I have been taking a walk through the gallery, looking and reevaluating their place in my heart.

Some I am keeping, brushing off, appreciating in a new way. Others I find much changed since I put them there long ago. Amazingly, the twin artists, Time and Truth, have been at work restoring some of the ugliest ones!

I painted, as a teenager, a grand masterpiece love story. But it has, by Time and Truth, been reveled as merely a childish cartoon.

The dramatic, bold lines of a college age trust betrayed, once seen by me in the harshest of lights, under the twin brushstrokes of Time and Truth prove to be mere pencil drawings. Those faint lines are almost invisible under the oils of faithful adult friendships.

Time and Truth have taken brush in hand and softened the harsh edges of once painful memories. With the passing of years they have brightened a dull photo, captured by the shutter of a fleeting impression.
Time and Truth have taken the fuzzy run-together watercolor images, painted with my tears, and have sharpened them so that I, finally, see clearly what was actually there. The scene where I stand alone, longing to be loved, once entitled Rejected & Lonely, now I see the Hand of God between me and the more intense heartache the broken relationship would have brought… had it continued. Now I see its real name, Protection.

I know that the future will cast a different light on today’s paintings. My current life will be viewed and analyzed by my then older, wiser eyes. I hope that the choices I make today, the painting I am creating now, will be one that brings a smile to my face. Time and Truth will tell.