The Write Word

The Twins. Sorrow and Suffering

In the human existence there are the inevitable encounters with pain. Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. To greater and lesser degrees we all will experience each of these types of pain. Some comes to us because of choices we make, other from the choices others make. Some comes from being trapped in human bodies, others from living in a fallen world. All real. All potentially devastating.

The well of compassion and love, in my heart, is only as deep as twin tools of suffering and sorrow can dig it. The gaping hole they leave behind can, if I choose, be filled with the water of forgiveness. The tools cut deep, but the water is sweet.
The water of forgiveness has the healing power to transform the bone yard of despair from a burial ground into a garden of gratefulness. 

 I can be grateful for the wisdom the experience brought me, though not for the experience in itself. The killing fields of my tender youth, when washed in the healing waters of forgiveness become sacred ground. And I find here, that the most bitter things in my life, are the very things that carved an alter into my soul.