The Write Word


I wrote a new song today. It’s new… but it’s also old. Its one you’ve always known, maybe different words, but tune will be oh so familiar. It goes like this.

He’s got an iphone. He’s got a flat screen.
He’s making big bucks. He’s living his dream.
He drives in luxury. He flies in first class.
He signs with Montblanc. Runs with the big brass.
But it’s not enough. It’s never never enough.
She has a Coach bag. In every color.
She’s taking diet pills. Just to get smaller.
She in the Who’s Who. She’s on the A list.
She wears 5 karats, flashing on her wrist.
But it’s not enough. It’s never never enough.

Sound familiar? Know what I’m talking about? Sure you do. It’s THE song. The continual seductive siren song that sings in our ears. At times it seeps into our conscious with barely a whisper and at other times it is a pounding driving rhythm that drives out all other sounds. We first heard it as a child. It enveloped us completely and we succumbed to its call, our chubby fists reaching out to grab what was just beyond reach. We began dancing to its tune before we could even walk. Once we heard the sound of that song, it’s melody was never very far away.

Let me introduce you to the Band. Malcontent does vocals, Ungratefulness plays lead and Greed is on percussion. There are a host of minor players which sometimes include Envy. But these three, Ungratefulness, Malcontent and Greed are the real stars of the act.

Their song is the siren song of false need. The desire for more. The ever pounding refrain “You want it, you NEEEEEED it, you really MUST have it.” It lies to us with the promise that after we get this ONE more thing we’ll be satisfied. It whispers that after THIS thing, we’ll never hear its song again. But we will. We always do.

The lifelong dance to this tune has led our society to overflowing closets, crammed basements, full attics, stuffed drawers and empty hearts. For in the end its not things that fill the emptiness in our souls. It never can. It never will.

So while the song never will be silenced, I have found another song to drown out its lies. It is the song of contentment. I sing the first verse with my prayers of Thankfulness for the things God trusts me with. If I NEEED it…. He will provide it for me. If He does not provide it than I do NOT need it.
It’s a song I’m learning to sing in the store as I pass the extras and fill my cart with necessities. I hum it at the grocery market as I pass the junk and head for the veggies. It’s the tune I belt out as I toss the Greed Deluxe catalogs that arrive daily in my mailbox.

The second verse is Generosity. In looking for needs outside of myself and in doing what I can, sacrificially, to meet them I silence further the song of Greed. It's painful sometimes at the first rendition, but grows easier and more beautiful with each revisit. That’s how all of heavens melody’s are… they grow sweeter with the singing!

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